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About Us

A M O I R A I 
[ AMOR I ]
AMOIRAI is an exclusive brand born to speak to those who revere the  avant garde.
Our mission is to establish the global footprint for AMOIRAI, creating luxury garments tailored for the woman, as well as. for the occasion.
Designer Mary Moehring is the creative force behind AMOIRAI - her style and persona embody innovation, strength & exclusivity.  This years collection preserves the classic appeal of a one piece while infusing high neck lines, hoods, opulent stones and appliqué to reveal a myriad of sumptuous designs that defy the bikini of yesterday. 
 AMOIRAI meets high sartorial standards and reveals an inimitable combination of bold cuts, fine fabrics and opulent detail in each unique piece.
AMOIRAI Golf set to hit the fairways fall 2017.
        AMOIRAI – Where the Threads of Fate and Love Taylor Destiny.